Below are the key numbers to dial to access, manage and listen to your Voicemails:

FunctionShort Dial NumberWill I be charged for this call?Notes
Setup or retrieve a Voicemail121YesUnless your plan includes Unlimited Calls
Remove existing diversions and set diversions to Call Catcher when not answered, unreachable or engaged1210No
Divert to Voicemail when not answered, unreachable or engaged1211No
Divert all calls to Voicemail1212NoYour phone will not ring. If a message is left, you will receive an SMS to let you know. 
Cancel all call diversions
Cancel all conditional and unconditional call diversions for Call Catcher
Activate/Deactivate Call Catcher121600No
Setup Visual Voicemail1217NoAvailable on iPhone only
Activate Voicemail SMS Alert1218No

Activate Voicemail Ring Alert1219No